Sunday, March 30, 2008

Hoping to Become More Energy Efficient

It has been awhile since my last post.  Motivation has been lacking in many areas of my life, running & blogging included.  The weather in MN has been dreary.  Cold.  Colder than average.  Snowy.  Windy.  Totally lion, not lamb.  The tides look to be changing next weekend where we might hit 50 for the first time in months.

But enough about the weather.

My runs have been dismal.  I have been doing just enough to get by on Hal Higdon's training plan.  Although the weather has not been great, its been a bit easier to get outside just knowing that soon it will feel like spring.  My long runs are feeling great, which helps the weekly mileage add up with ease.  I think the long runs feel so good because my mind is better at drifting off into la-la-land when I know I have many minutes to go.  During short runs, my mind is consumed with thoughts of dread, exhaustion, and just plain wanting the miles to go by faster.  On the other hand, during my long runs I can just let it all relax, because we're going to be here for awhile :)

Environment and "eco-friendly" thoughts have been consuming my mind not only on my runs, but throughout the day.  If each person doesn't make an effort to help save and clean up our environment, what are my children going to grow up in?!  It scares me to see so much trash, liter, smoke, etc. basking around us.  Guilt overtakes me when I throw away something that I know will not biodegrade.  Our human lives take so much energy, in the physical and the literal sense.  At times I wish I could bike to work, or walk to the places I need to go with more ease.  Unfortunately that isn't as easy for my lifestyle as it sounds.

What about you?  Does the thought of where our environment is heading scare you?  I don't know enough about "global warming" to make an informed decision on what should be done, but I do know that feeling of shame when lights are left on, the paper is not recycled, and the miles add up on the car rather than the training log.