Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Running - In Just 10 Words (Because why not?!)

When you feel like giving up, growth is around the corner.

Friday, November 13, 2009


I hadn't run much. My intentions were good, but my training calendar sure showed that intentions and real life can be very different.

"I'm just gonna run easy ... I'll probably be done around an hour and twenty five or so," I told my husband as he dropped me off before the race.

Race number, check. Tshirt, check. Port-o-potty line, check.

I lined up at the start and noticed no one was moving towards the front. I walked up. Right behind the women in sports bras and biker shorts. Right behind the women that obviously train more than I do. Right behind the women who were clearly going to win the race.

National anthem, check. Last minute warm-up, check.

And we're off. First mile in the 7:00's. Second mile in the 7:00's. And so on. My body wasn't prepared but my competitive nature was. Give it your all. Just keep going. No pain, no gain.

10 miles later I crossed the line with tears in my eyes. No air. No strength. I felt like fainting. I felt like vomitting. Never had I felt so terrible after a race.

But I did it.


I can do anything I put my mind to.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Why I Run ...

"I just feel like exercising!" I exclaim to anyone and no one. "Why is it that when you plan to exercise, you try to put it off, but the days you plan to skip it, you want nothing more than to move?!"

So I ran.

Life can build up like a huge weight on your shoulders that is pressing down with so much force you feel like you are losing ground with every step. I run to lose that force, to make up that ground, to feel like nothing can get me down.

I took off. I ran. I smiled as the world passed me by. I was cold. I was out of breath. But most of all, I ran.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

It's been a year...

It's been a year.  One might think I am like a majority of the population and gave up on running and exercise in exchange for sitting on the couch and watching t.v.  Happily, that is not the case.  I guess I got a bit scared of "the blog."

I thought about writing every few months over the past year, but got a bit nervous and said, "Another day."

Here I am, on another day.  My run this morning proved that speed can come back in just a few runs, but stamina on the other hand takes a bit more time.  Its ok; I'm ready for the work.

I have 2 races looming in the near future.  I won my age group last year in the 10k I'm running in 2 weeks.  But last year I was running more frequently.  Last year I was in better shape.  Last year I was ready to win that race no matter what it took.  This year I expect myself to win regardless.

What is it about a competitive nature that never lets you just have fun?  Never lets you run a race to enjoy the other runners and the scenery?  Never lets you give yourself a break?  I'm competitive.  I better win my age group again.

My life feels great, my body feels good, and though a year has passed, I am better for it.  I have taken on a lifestyle that is better to myself, better to others, and better to the world.  Use less, reuse more.  Shop less, give more.  Eat less, enjoy more.  Our world isn't disposable.  At some point in time there is going to come a day when we as a nation are looking at our losses and wondering how we got there.  

It starts now.  No act is too small.  No human is too insignificant to make a difference.  Small changes turn into big changes.  Big changes change the world.

Here's to another year and more posts.  I feel like I have a lot to say.  A lot to share.  A lot to give.