Saturday, July 5, 2008

Grandma's Marathon Finisher

Runner's Knee and all, I did it. I always knew I would, I just didn't know how painful the process would be. Turns out, it wasn't painful at all. Rest and taking it easy for a week seemed to do wonders for my knee. I was able to complete the last 2 weeks of marathon training (easier weeks) and feel ready for the big day.

I was hoping for a sub-5 hour marathon. My goal was to get my girlfriend and her mom finished in under 5 hours. I was confident this would be an easy task for me. Miles 1 through about 17 started off fantastic. We were crossing the mile markers at least 2-3 minutes ahead of the pace schedule. Between miles 17 and 19 we slowed a bit, but we were still on pace to finish 4:50. Then my girlfriend started to feel ill and had to take long walk breaks and many bathroom breaks. From mile 20 on I knew it was going to be interesting. After tears and anger (at herself), we power walked 5 miles, still stopping at all the port-a-potties along the way. When we got to mile 25 I was worried we may not finish in the "start gun's" 6 hour mark so I figured we needed to pick up the pace to at least a jog. We were actually able to run the last 1.2 miles at a pretty speedy pace and we finished 10 minutes shy of 6 hours. Not anywhere near where I thought we would be, but that is life. I'm just glad my friend was able to finish her first marathon and get the t-shirt and medal she deserved.

I'm not sure when my next marathon will be. Right now I really don't even have much desire to run. I've been thinking biking, walking, rollerblading, and DVD's sound much more appealing. I did stumbled upon some running blogs, and they always inspire me. I think I will sign up for a few shorter distance races this summer to keep myself moving. I'm hoping to "freshen" up my body in the next few months. I could use a healthier diet and a leaner look.

My first goal:

100 push-ups.